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aphene sheet, can make a first five tons of adult elephants firmly in the above;The use of graphene in mobile phone batteries, a second can make the electricity;Tablet for graphene material, can be folded into mobile phone size put in my pocket…As a kind of the world’s most hail the lightest and most hard tenacity nano materials, graphene in electronics, aerospace defense industry, new energy, new materials, and other fields have a wide range of applications.At present, the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries have initiated a series of research on graphene industry plan and project, and will develop the graphene upgraded to a strategic height.
In recent years, the Chinese government is also actively promote the rapid development of industry of graphene and graphene, as one of the frontier of the development of the material was incorporated into the new material industry “twelfth five-year” development plan “, including jiangsu, zhejiang, shenzhen, Shanghai, shandong, fujian, liaoning, heilongjiang, chongqing and other places of graphene industry is accelerating layout.Due to the advent of graphene time is shorter, from the overall situation of development, the development level of China and western countries were similar, graphene industry is still in the phase of the mainly research, china graphite products in the laboratory, the industrialization process is relatively slow.This time, China’s manufacturing sector is corner overtaking opportunities.Therefore, we must to make overall plans, elaborate layout, seize graphite suppliers the graphene r&d and graphite material suppliers industrialization brought about by the great development opportunities, grasp to the commanding heights of the competition of science and technology in the future.
I suggest, first of all should intensify national policy support, the country should actively organize and coordinate technology, fiscal, taxation and other departments formulate graphene technology industry relevant supporting policies, both to increase financial investment and land use planning

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